Our Strategic Plan

Our Orientations and Objectives

Our 2019–2023 Strategic Plan presents the organization’s orientations, objectives, indicators, and targets.

It revolves around the following three major orientations and objectives.

Orientations Objectives

Increase the added value of interventions

  • Enhance the selection process of performance audits
  • Conduct performance audits focused on issues or services that directly affect citizens and the quality of these services that they receive 
  • Conduct performance audits focused on sustainable development
  • Conduct performance audits on information technologies 
  • Conduct audits focused on cybersecurity
  • Conduct performance audits dealing with major issues concerning compliance with laws and regulations
  • Complete audits for the organizations governed by section 107.7, paragraph 3
  • Complete audits of organizations that have benefited from contributions from the Ville de Montréal
  • Maintain our presence in financial auditing
  • Encourage an increased rate of the implementation of our recommendations 
  • Implement processes to comply with the Access to Information Act 
  • Facilitate understanding of our role by elected officials and other stakeholders

Implement innovative practices to ensure the quality of our work

  • Maintain the quality of our work
  • Integrate the aspect of compliance with laws, regulations, and frameworks in performance audits
  • Systematically integrate an assessment of the risks of irregularities and fraud into performance audits 
  • Provide innovative technological tools and software to maintain our successful audit practices and encourage a paperless work environment

Ensure the sustainability of the team’s expertise

  • Attract and retain the best resources to fulfill the mission of the Bureau du vérificateur général and ensure the sustainability of its expertise
  • Promote and support the development of the staff’s expertise based on the needs of the Bureau du vérificateur général
  • Attain and maintain a high level of staff engagement

Link to the Strategic Plan pdf click here.